With 50 years of experience in management and caring for students, we present a hostel with a new look and feel. The rooms have been revamped for comfort space, well utilised with every facility and vibrant colours. Do read our list of features below.

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Uncompromised Security

CCTV Camera

To ensure safety and security CCTV cameras have been installed in strategic areas. These cameras are continuous monitored by our staff.

Biometric Entry & Exit

Biometric entry and exit helps us record the presence of students.

Strictly Alcohol, Drugs & Smoke-Free campus

The hostel follows protocols by the Government for maintaining fire safety. This includes NOC/ fire license, fire evacuation plan and measures for storing chemicals.

Fire Compliant Buildling

The hostel follows protocols by the Government for maintaining fire safety. This includes NOC/ fire license, fire evacuation plan and measures for storing chemicals.

Curfew, Visitors & Visiting Hours

Students must be back in the hostel by 6.30pm from Mon-Sat and 7.30pm on Sundays. The students are encouraged to follow the curfew timings. Extension of curfew time is acceptable with a letter from parents stating the need. Authorized visitors are allowed to visit the students between 8am-5pm with prior intimation.

Anti-Bullying & Anti-Ragging Campus

Ragging is a punishable offence. The hostel strictly does not support or encourage any such activities.

Warmth & Comfort

Homely Food Served in Dinning Area

The hostel is well known for its quality food. Cooked under hygienic conditions, the food is homely, nutritious and tasty. Evening snacks are offered and packed lunch is offered if required. Students may opt for vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

Courtyard Cafe New!
Courtyard Cafe

Apart from the regular dining rooms, the students can choose to dine in the open central courtyard with a café like ambience under the large trees of the hostel.

Experienced Kitchen Staff

RMH kitchen is well known for its cuisine, not just tasty but for the variety served. Importance is given to a balanced diet and hygiene.

FSSAI Certified Kitchen with High Food Safety Standards

Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are available for hot and cold water.

Wellness Room

A room is available at the ground floor for the students to rest when unwell. The warden will arrange for medical assistance during such situations. A doctor visits the hostel on a weekly basis.

Hygienic Washrooms with 24×7 Water Supply

The washrooms are maintained hygienically. Regular cleaning, deep cleaning, sanitation and fumigation is done. Water facility is available 24/7. The water in the rest rooms is treated and softened with a special agent. The water is further pressurised using heat and pressure pump for a better flow. Washrooms are equipped with incinerators for safe disposal of sanitary napkins.

24X7 Electricity Supply

We have 24/7 electricity supply facilitated with efficient generators.

Room Cleaning & Pest Control

Campus and room cleanliness is maintained by professional housekeeping staff. Following the safety measures pest control and fumigation is done at regular intervals.

Visitors Lounge

Visiting families can be comfortably seated in the visitors lounge area.

Laundry Services New!
Laundry Services

Weekly Laundry service is available. Each student’s clothes are washed separately in the laundromat. Selected clothes will be ironed. Ironing-space and iron boxes are available for students who wish to self-iron their clothes.

Parking Facility*

Limited parking facilities are available in campus.

*This is an additionally paid service.

Ergonomic Furniture New!
Ergonomic Furniture

The furniture in the rooms and the common area are specially designed to suit the needs of the students. Each student has a unit consisting of a bed, mattress, cupboard, study table, chair with additional storage space. Space for keeping bubble top water, shelves for snacks, book rack and shoe racks are also provided.

Cloak Room* New!
Cloak Room*

Students can choose to leave their luggage in the cloak room when they are away for the weekends and mid-year holidays.

*This is an additionally paid service.

Elevator Access

Easy access across floor levels are possible via the elevator.

Waste Segregation Unit New!
Waste Segregation Unit

The students are encouraged to segregate the waste and use designated waste bins. This is a small way in helping contribute back to the society.

Academic & Career Growth

Wifi with 4G Speed*

WiFi services are available to students. Firewalls are installed. There is a bandwidth limitation for optimal utilization of the internet.

*It is an additionally paid service.

Transport Facilities*

Regular bus service on certain routes is available.

*It is an additionally paid service.

Community Study Area New!
Community Study Area

The preference for group study is understood by us. Hence under the new renovation, focus has been given to these spaces. On every floor, large open seating space with natural ventilation is available to help students in their group studies.

Night Reading Lights New!
Night Reading Lights

Every student is provided with a bed side focus light for those extra hours of reading during late nights without disturbing the other roommates.

Personal Wellness

Air-Conditioned Gym New!
Air-Conditioned Gym

Air conditioned gym with treadmills, static-cycles, ellipticals, shoulder-press, leg-press equipment is available. Special acoustics is provided to play music. There is also a designated area reserved for Yoga.

Annual Celebrations

New students are welcomed by the second and final year students at the Freshie Nite. First and second year students host the farewell event for the final year students . Deepavali night and Christmas Fest are celebrated.

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Ganapathy Temple

Daily poojas are performed in the Ganapathy temple situated in the garden. Festival and events are also celebrated here.

Sensory path for walking New!
Sensory path for walking

A space is built for to the sensory walking. It helps relieve stress, improves balance, enhances physical and mental well-being.

Games New!

Carrom board, chess, badminton and table tennis are some of the indoor games that can be played in campus.


Music is played on the public address systems across floors, during the early hours and in the evenings.